We understand how difficult it can be to find information and support on a range of topics related to transitioning and coming out as trans and/or non-binary. The information that is out there can sometimes be complicated and confusing.

Our team has pulled together some pages on some of the most common areas people ask for additional information and support. Here you will find information about coming out, your rights and changing your name and details.

If you are looking for information about something which is not listed here, or have further questions, please have a chat with your care navigator. If you are not registered with Indigo, you can call LGBT Foundation on 0345 3 30 30 30 for confidential information and support.

We also recognise that we might not always be the right place to offer you the support you want. In the 'Additional support' section, you will find lots of great organisations, both here in Greater Manchester and around the country, who might be better placed to help.