smiling peopleHaving surgery  is one of many ways you could align your physical body to your gender. Indigo Gender Service works with the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health to offer onward referral for certain types of surgery that are available on the NHS.  

For  chest reconstruction or ‘top’ surgery, we can  provide a direct  referral, initially with the support of the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health.  For breast augmentation, we will work with you and NHS recommendations to find the most appropriate service  for you.

For genital or ‘bottom’ surgery we are unable to refer you directly as this requires two letters of recommendation. However, we can provide one letter and the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health is able to provide the other after an assessment with them. This can be done remotely and you do not need to necessarily travel to Nottingham for this. This process is in line with current national guidelines around surgical referrals.

As with any treatment, surgery comes with a number of risks as well as benefits. Therefore, it’s important that you consider whether this is an appropriate option for you and if you’re ready for a referral.     

You are not obligated to undergo any surgery  and  you can choose at any point to opt in or out of a referral for surgery.

If you are unsure or would like more information, you can speak to your care navigator and your Indigo GP.