Realising that you are trans or non-binary can be a scary experience, but it can also be an exciting one too. Coming out is a personal choice and each person will do so at a different time, and in a different way.

There are many different kinds of coming out, the first one usually being to yourself - i.e. acknowledging and accepting the fact that you are trans. This process can take years of self reflection, or it might come as a sudden realisation. There is no wrong way to come out to yourself.

Coming out for you might mean telling other people that you are trans, such as your family, friends, or colleagues. This section of the website will give you some advice to make that process somewhat easier. Remember, you don’t have to come out in one go - you can stagger your coming out as needed. You can be out to your friends, but not your grandparents, if that suits you. You do not need to be out in order to be trans - your validity is not based on other people knowing about your identity.

If you are registered with Indigo Gender Service, your care navigator will be happy to speak with you about coming out. If you are not registered with us but would like to speak with someone, you can call LGBT Foundation's helpline on 0345 3 30 30 30.