Changing your name can be a daunting, but an exciting undertaking. The very first thing to do is to decide on a name that suits you. There are very few rules when choosing a new name and usually using your common sense will be fine. Remember that words that are explicitly offensive are usually not allowed, and the same goes for names that are also titles, such as doctor. If you’re not sure where to start, baby name websites are a great place to get inspiration. You could also try looking at names in books, films, or TV shows that you’ve enjoyed. You may also want to look at names which are specific to your language and culture.

An important thing to remember is that there is no need whatsoever to change your name, legally or otherwise. Whether you’re comfortable with it, or it’s already gender neutral, don’t feel pressured to make a change if you don’t want to.

Once you have decided on a new name, you might want to change it legally. The guides on this section of the website will help you do that. If you’re not sure where to start, we would recommend following the order, as per the below.