smiling personWe understand that  identities are multifaceted and complex. Your gender is only one part of who you are. Other important parts of your identity may include your  ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and disability. Your support network may consist heavily of friends and members of LGBT communities as well as partners, spouses and family members. We recognise that all of these components (and more) are important to you and the care that you receive.   
Therefore, our services use a  holistic  approach – this means  we  take into account all parts of your identity and the things that are important to you. We aim to provide you with the most appropriate options for you so that you can make informed decisions  and receive the best possible care.   
Your main point of contact with Indigo will be a  care navigator - a trans or non-binary person with lived experience who can guide you through the services we offer.   
Your first contact with them is a perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Care navigators are equipped with a range of skills to support you and will provide a range of signposting and advice. For example, if you are looking to reduce your drinking, we can provide you with information about support groups in Greater Manchester, or if you're looking for community support, we can put you in touch with trans and non-binary social groups.   
Indigo GPs are experienced in delivering trans healthcare and can provide you with a range of non-surgical support including  diagnosis for gender incongruence, hormone therapy, and referrals for surgery. Also, we have our own team of counsellors, voice coaches, and can refer you for things such as hair removal.  
There is no standard transition pathway, meaning you can choose the services most appropriate to you. In particular, we don't require you to present your gender in any particular way - just turn up how you are most comfortable!