Once you are out to your friends and family, you may want to think about other contexts in which you might want to come out. The workplace might be one of those areas. We talk more about changing your name at work in the Changing my personal details section, but before you do that, it may be wise to discuss your coming out and potential transition with your employers. This might start with a close colleague and go much the same way as coming out to a friend, or it may begin with your line manager and be somewhat more formal.

If you are going by a new name and new pronouns, it would be a good idea to let your workplace know. They can then update your email address and any systems that might hold your old name. Having a conversation about coming out is also important. You might want to send an email to the full team letting them know about your coming out, or your new name. Alternatively you may want to wait and tell people individually, as needed.

You shouldn't feel pressured to act in a specific way - your employer has no right to tell you how to come out.