smiling personWho is eligible?

Indigo Gender Service is a new pilot service. In order to access our services, you will need to meet the following criteria before 1 December 2020

  • aged 17 or over;  
  • registered with a GP in Greater Manchester and eligible for NHS treatment; 
  • on a waiting list for a gender clinic and have not yet had your first appointment. 

In preparation for the launch of our service, we worked with NHS gender identity clinics (GICs) across the country to establish anyone on their waiting lists who may be eligible for our services.

What happens next?

We have been contacting eligible people directly to let them know about the service and invite them to join Indigo. We sent a letter to every eligible person on the waiting list, introducing Indigo and answered some frequently asked questions. Every  letter will be  followed up with a call from one of our care navigators. This initial call provides an opportunity to ask questions, highlight concerns, and establish if you want to switch to Indigo.  One of the unique parts of Indigo is that we have a team of care navigators, all of whom are trans or non-binary, whose job it is to be your friendly guide throughout your time with us.   

Further information will be provided to help you make an informed decision as to whether transferring your care from your current NHS Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) waiting list to Indigo is best for you. If you have been contacted by Indigo, you will be able to have a discussion with a care navigator or nurse before deciding if you want to move to our list.

There is no obligation to switch to Indigo’s  service and you can opt-out at any point. However, if you do choose to switch to Indigo, you will no longer remain on the waiting list for the GIC you have previously been referred to. If you have received a letter or call from a care navigator, you don’t have to make a decision immediately and  can take some time to consider the best option for you. Our care navigators are on hand for any questions you might have.  

I'm eligible and I haven't heard from you yet

If you meet the eligibility for Indigo but you have not yet heard from us, there might be a number of reasons why. For instance, we may not be aware that you are currently on a waiting list for a GIC and eligible to access Indigo services, or you may have changed your contact details since your last visit.

If you believe you are eligible for Indigo’s services, but have not received a letter or call from a  care  navigator, please contact us at

I'm not eligible but I want to switch to Indigo

Indigo is a pilot service and is not currently taking new referrals from people who do not meet the eligibility criteria.

If you are not yet on a waiting list for a GIC but meet the eligibility criteria and are wanting to be referred, then ask your GP to refer you to the Nottingham Centre for Transgender Health who will have a ‘holding list’ for Indigo until the end of the pilot or until the waiting list is cleared.  

What to expect at your appointment?

We have created a step-by-step guide to what to expect on your first clinic appointment with Indigo. We know  this may be daunting for some so we want to show you how clean-cut and simple the service we offer can be.