We are committed to ensuring that everyone who is being cared for by Indigo Gender Service has access to their clinical information.

We will work with you to agree the best way of sharing your information and upon receiving your consent, we will:

  • send a letter to your GP after your first assessment;
  • send a copy of the consultation notes to you after your assessment appointments;
  • send a full letter to you and your GP after your second assessment and ensure your GP continues to have the relevant information about your care with Indigo until you are discharged;
  • send information via AccuRx (texting and video consultation service).

It is our priority to be open and transparent with everyone who accesses Indigo and we will share all documentation, upon request. Once your treatment is complete you will be discharged back to the care of your GP who, with support and information from the Indigo clinical team, will be able to continue your treatment plan.