man in barCo-production has been an integral component of our structure since the beginning. This means we have worked with trans and non-binary people to  identify how we can make our services supportive, informative, community-led and most importantly person-centred so you can make the right decisions.

We know that having your identity represented within services can be incredibly powerful and help to create environments where you feel safe and recognised. For this reason, we have ensured that as many of Indigo’s staff as possible have lived experience as trans and non-binary people, and sought allies who have extensive experience of supporting LGBT people. 

Communication is key to helping you understand the services and options available to you. To support you throughout your journey with us, you will be assigned a care navigator. They will have lived experience as a trans or non-binary person as well as an understanding of pathways, services and resources available both within Indigo and more widely across Greater Manchester. 

smiling personCare navigators are uniquely positioned to make your experience as easy, efficient and relevant to your needs as possible. You can contact the care navigator team at any point to discuss your options and any concerns you may have. They are not there to persuade or push a particular outcome. Instead, they are there to work with you, keeping track of your progress and making you aware of the options that are available so you can confidently make  informed  decisions about your healthcare. We are committed to providing you with the tools and resources needed to feel confident and empowered and know this will look different from person to person.  

In addition to care navigators, the Indigo team is made up of a range of professionals such as speech and language therapists, GPs, nurses and counsellors to facilitate your journey. The care navigator team will support you in navigating each of these services and connecting you to various teams to get the care you need.