JPEG_fornewstory.jpgDecember marks Indigo Gender Service’s (Indigo) one-year anniversary of delivering trans and non-binary healthcare for the people of Greater Manchester.

The first of its kind to be based within primary care, the team is incredibly proud of the positive impact Indigo is having on its service users. This is reflected in the feedback received via 190 responses from users, 100% of whom have expressed their satisfaction with Indigo.

The service is leading the way in transforming people’s care and impacting positively on their experience – whatever their journey may be. It’s what Indigo strives to deliver every single day.

Ruth Talbot, Indigo care navigator supervisor, said being able to reflect on the success of the service following its first year in operation is very rewarding.

“The feedback received to date reinforces that we are providing a service where we are leading the way in transforming trans healthcare that service users desperately need,” they said.

“Trans and non-binary people are at the heart of Indigo and so it’s an absolute priority that the service makes a positive difference to the lives of trans and non-binary people. This wouldn’t be possible without a passionate team of trans, non-binary and LGBQ practitioners and allies who are determined to drive forward and deliver an innovative trans healthcare service.

“We cannot underestimate the importance and benefits of delivering a much-needed NHS service that is delivered by a team with lived experience and a broad range of expertise in this field. Bringing all of these components together ensures that service users really are in the best and most capable hands, are treated with dignity and respect, and we look at each person individually, holistically and with the clinical expertise that they deserve.”

Indigo’s success is measured in a number of ways, but one of the most valuable is the feedback received from the people who are accessing the service and are experiencing first-hand the life-changing and positive outcomes they are encountering from the service.

Dr Luke Wookey, Indigo’s clinical lead who has an in-depth knowledge and expertise in trans healthcare, said he is privileged to be leading an experienced team of clinicians to deliver care that is responsive and personalised to each and every patient.

“First and foremost, when I am seeing patients, making sure they are well informed about their choices, the options available to them and building on their trust is paramount,” he said.

“Feedback received in our first year demonstrates how we are exceeding expectations in so many ways, which amplifies the extent of the positive impact the service is having on people’s lives and fundamentally, transforming their experience of receiving trans healthcare.

“The multidisciplinary team – from GPs, nurses, voice and communication therapy, care navigators, talking therapies – strives to provide a service that is aiming for trans healthcare to be of the highest quality and delivered in the safest way possible – which is exactly what Indigo is achieving.

A snapshot of the feedback received to date is available

Ruth concluded: “The fantastic feedback received via the service users is testament to the wonderful service we are providing – we are team Indigo and we are proud!”